Cloud Consulting

Our consulting services bring your business into the modern world with development frameworks that provide you leading-edge processes automation and the capability to upscale with new technologies that deliver optimal returns.

• Overview


Advice that helps you realise your business goals

We introduce efficiencies to improve operational functions, help you see a reduction in operational costs, and transform legacy systems to meet the capabilities the Cloud offers you

• Our Approach


Business strategies to unify your assets and optimise your potential

Learn how data can be better utilised to automate your processes and provide your business the agility you need to grow and meet the challenge of new business scenarios

• Overview


Our Approach Methodology

1. Assess

Identify the suitability of transitioning your business to the cloud and the value proposition it will bring, our assessment workshop gives you confidence in taking the next step.

Key activities

✓ Understand the current business strategy & operation

✓ Determine a solid business case for the transition

✓ Explore different technological solutions

✓ Test conceptual ideas

2. Plan

Our cloud delivery specialists devise the foundational
framework for a successful implementation of your project scope.

Key activities

✓ Finalise solution and cloud technology services

✓ Identify the skills & resources required

✓ Detailed infrastructure design

✓ Risk analysis & implementation strategy for devised solution

3. Deploy

Future Matrix cloud & QA specialists work to ensure your project scope is delivered, experience the final build and realise identified business value.

Key activities

✓ Execute infrastructure design plan & strategy

✓ Migration of data & services, minimise disruption to active business operation.

✓ Testing & customer review to finalise adjustments

✓ Adoption of the new technologies with a change management plan.

4. Optimise

Devising a managed service plan for continued
improvement to help bring further long term efficiencies, improved ROI and sustainable business growth.

Key activities

✓ 365/24/7 customer centric support

✓ Optimisation of cloud environment performance, security and costs.

✓ Opportunities to enhance best practices, business processes, cloud technologies and strategy.

• Service Benefits


Building businesses for the future

Empowering your business with the tools to adapt,
evolve and tackle the challenges of today and the future.

• Testimonials


What Our Clients Say About Us

Within a day of our call, Future Matrix had set up an appointment to discuss our needs. They did a thorough evaluation of our business, rather than simply handing us a solution. We went with their suggestions and haven’t looked back”

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