we implement effective processes to keep solutions simple


What does maintenance encompass when you're talking AV, Cybersecurity and IT?

your assets, our input

Even though each speciality demands a unique set of methodologies, the process of keeping systems functioning optimally from the point of completion, and at junctions within its lifecycle, broadly defines the purpose of the maintenance component of a project, as specified in a contract.

Best-practice guidelines related to maintenance are subject to our recommendations, and aligned to the budgetary considerations our clients wish to accomodate.

Cyclic review

Your needs and requirements might need to be adapted over time: the networking cycle experiences rapid and frequent change - such is the nature of communication and the data that supports it.


Future Matrix chooses to work with our clients to achieve an outcome that satisfies expectation and promotes a healthy, professional relationship.


Most organisations depend on the successful deployment of information and communication systems to deliver effecient and effective services - we work with existing systems and develop new systems architected around a dynamic approach. 


factoring performance throughout the sourcing cycle

An effective procurement policy demands an informed, extensive knowledge-base to ensure the success of a project.

how we identify the right solution

Future Matrix applies careful evaluation criteria before we commit to engaging goods and services. We've provided you an outline of how we go about identifying our trusted partners.


  • organise our requirements at development level

  • do in-depth research and identify quality products suppliers

  • establish terms with the supplier of choice

  • maintain requisitions and procurement records

effective procurement influences outcomes

Future Matrix works with preferred service agents, however, we are adaptable in procurement policy, in order to accommodate specialized materials in consultation with industry experts.