why projects go wrong

No matter the specialisation, project management flows experience a very similar set of challenges and setbacks. While we've always set lofty goals for our business, we're also dedicated to discussing issues that pose a problematic situation across industries. overwhelmingly, the same issues crop up time and again, which prompted us to provide our clients a breakdown of the most common reasons projects fail to meet objectives.

Statistically, project managers dedicate 80% of the time gathering vital information spread across departments and teams, which in turn, costs time, money and manpower.

Without a set guideline and a sound project management methodology, a project could go belly-up very quickly. the cost might end up being extensive, if not disastrous.

Most projects are sabotaged due to a lack of knowledge - many decision-makers are ill-equipped to engage the correct expertise. Quick gap-filler solutions add to the problem.

Projects rarely meet the budget, experience delays, and worst case, pose a threat to organizational security parameters.

Lack of communication between the client and the service organisation

Often, project management is treated as a service, rather than a collaboration. Your goal and our work should produce a result that will add value, whether you're a home owner, or a large company - outcomes should be approached with a clear framework, a healthy balance between expectation and cooperation.