it services

an agile approach to information systems

Your systems architecture has to support the daily operations your business undertakes, and function an integrated whole to allow vital business processes to flow optimally.


While protected data sets might be defined as your greatest asset, your IT service provider facilitates a fully-intergrated infrastructure that allows your organization to organize workflows that meet KPIs and business ojectives, in the present and in time to come.

Recognising your needs

Future Matrix takes an agile approach to systems architecture. This allows leeway to predict and control flows effectively, and to provide solutions that adapt to your needs while following compliance and good governance directive.

Reliability and support rate as your greatest assets in day-to-day operational directives. We bring our expertise to provide our clients with specialized IT services with your goals in mind - we provide you with the opportunity to structure transformative work flows.

securing your it estate:

  • Maintenance, Monitoring & Support

  • Hardware & Software

  • Cloud & Server

  • Infrastructure

              - LAN & WAN

              - WiFi

              - Structured cabling


  • Telecoms

              - VoIP

              - PBX

              - Hosted solutions

  • Data Management

              - Data Leak Prevention

              - Data Loss Prevention

              - GDPR Compliance

              - Backup Solutions

              - Disaster Recovery

  • Consulting

  • Training

Entrust your IT project management to us; we provide you a service that focuses on the full scope...