cloud office 365


VICTOR CONSULTING GROUP wanted to move their business away from an on-premises solution ( their own private servers ), to Microsoft Office 365 cloud servie.

our solution:

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The result required planning, migration, change managment, implementation and aftercare on our side. We were dedicated to educating the company on the utilization of next generation technologies such as Microsoft Teams and VoIP inorder to facilitate a successful remote work model.

'The hassle of getting permissions was worth it at the end of the day - Future Matrix worked tirelessly to get everything done on time and to spec'

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audio-visual automation


The client wanted a simple control systen to enhance the living space and add lifestyle elements to their new-build home.

our solution:

We installed lighting, heating, door entry and audio-visual components to integrate on focus-points within the space. Music quality and lighting were key priorities we were asked to fulfill. 

'We' didn't want anything that would be too complex to operate. The team took our needs to heart insofar as providing us an ambient home with top-of-the-range equipment'

Private Client, Kensington

cyber incident response


In the wake of a real crisis, DENTAL CARE GROUP contacted us when they'd reaized that the company's email service had been compromised. A number of devices in use had been infected with ransomware, and the scope of the attack had been uncertain at the time.

our solution:

We initiated our assessment by performing a security audit in order to understand the type of malware used, and level of risk exposure incurred. our goal was to detect, and thereafter, manage the situation, after which we implemented controls to counteract an unpredicted attack. We facilitated a cyber-awareness training workshop for the staff at Dental Care Group.

'We're very grateful for the quick response time in which Future Matrix took care of our problem. The staff and dentists would like to thank the team heartily for educating us on cybersecurity and explain the procedures they've implemented.'

Company representitive - Dental Crae Group