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Our Client

Idea Space is a creative and friendly co-working space located in Battersea, London.

The facility provides access to super-fast wi-fi, all the tools needed to develop and deliver projects, as well as artisan coffee! The team at Idea Space are committed to building a local community of like-minded individuals, who want to break the 9-5 cycle of traditional working and start a platform to build their dreams!

Close to the busy Clapham Junction station, Idea Space offers monthly memberships tailored to their client’s requirements, including meeting rooms of different sizes, event space and a range of ‘pay as you go’ services.


Idea Space has proven to be a great concept, and the team are now opening new facilities across the UK. However, this fast growth needed to be met with rapid internal changes. An organisational restructure was essential. So too was the implementation of new ways of working to achieve the goal of being ‘100% agile’, so everyone could work remotely in real-time.

Before we began this project the business was using a combination of OneDrive, Box and Dropbox, with files stored in different places. This led to confusion and unnecessary complexity with poor version control, difficulty managing access to secure documents and problems not being able to access files when people left the business.

Our migration to Google Workspace has been a success, allowing our staff to collaborate and work more closely together. As a result of Future Matrix's excellent work, we plan to work together again in the near future.”

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Liz Taylor, IT Manager

How We Responded

As experienced Google Partners, the Idea Space team were keen to work with us to find a solution that met their needs without any unnecessary complexity. Our proposed solution was developed after speaking with key stakeholders within the business, and once approved, we got straight to work.

We moved the entire operation from Office365 to Google Workspace and migrated all the Dropbox and OneDrive files to Google so that it was centralised, as well as ensuring it was managed for access control so that each department and each individual had access to the correct files. To support staff in the business we provided a change management plan with training around the most relevant Google Workspace tools, as well as showing them how to resolve common issues for themselves.

The Benefits


increase in productivity


reduction in operating costs


increase in productivity


weeks from planning to deployment

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