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 future matrix

We're a family-run team of experts, with offices in London. Our directorship, operating as an intergrated unit, contributes a specialised skillset to our enterprise - in Finance, Operations and Human Resources. We execute on a 'tone-from-the-top' model. Each project Future Matrix takes on is managed and overseen by top management, we focus on nurturing beneficial, trusting relationships with our clients.

Our Service Cluster

Future Matrix provides AV, Cybersecurity and IT service solutions for both the residential market, and large-scale industrial, corporate and Public sectors subject to intricate operational directives that demand specialist directives.

 our people 

The heart of our business beats around our close association with our employees, who we recognise as integral partners in our ecosystem. We're commited to excellence. With an emphasis on continous assessment, we guide our people, and facilitate opportunity for personal development. The ever-shifting landscape within which we serve demands on-point, up-to-date, knowledge-rich skills , and we're mindful to create an environment where our people feel heard and valued.

Future Matrix offers you a solution that fits your budget and offers you top-quality products in order to match objectives while adhering to compliance regulations.

our relationships

We're committed to keeping you updated through each phase, and implement an open communication policy, from initial evaluation through the provision of maintenanc services.

Future Matrix is about building valued relationships for the long-term...